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linvilles in Love with numerical palindromes

11:11am and 11 seconds on November 11, 2011 is quite a spectacular numerical palindrome (as long as you drop the 20 from 2011, lol): 11:11:11~11/11/11. YES! ‘Tis an event 100 yrs in the making! Unfortunately, I missed it by 23 minutes. Fortunately, I missed it because of Andy McKee’s YouTube video “Africa.” It is also spectacular, along with his other musical masterpieces. Regardless, life goes on.

Life is certainly going on with the linvilles. As of late, we’ve been informed that our preliminary overseas assignment for my M.Div. studies will be in Bangladesh. More about that later. Presently, I have 400 pages to read, two papers to write, two final exams to take and one more class next semester until I’m done with campus based credit hours!!! YES! We begin our mandatory international meetings on Monday, 11/14/11; I’m very excited.

Mrs. linville did spectacular at the craft and back sale! We were hoping for her to make at least $25 to cover the costs of her materials (and the $6 fee to be in the sale). She brought home $238. OH YEAH! My wife rocks. Check out her Etsy store at:

Baby linville is so cute it slays me. His personality shows through more everyday. So far he seems like quite the extrovert, but not in a “look at me” kinda way (as I was), but in a “who are you?” kinda way. He will be 1 in a mere 11 days. He knows me as “Papa” and Mrs. linville as “Mama.” He’s also adopted our neighbors the Smith(s) and the Cooper(s) as family members, rushing to their doors to drum his “hello” whenever he escapes out into the hall. He loves to look through and chew on books. He’s been clapping a lot and raising both arms up whenever anyone goes “yyaaaayyy!” He uses his cute little laugh to make others laugh. So far he has a record of six unassisted steps. He’s trying to walk without help more and more. Every little milestone is just so exciting!!!

I thank all those who have been praying for me as I seek to lead Mrs. linville well, living with her knowingly, pointing her to Christ. God has been intervening. Your prayers are being answered, praise Him! and keep praying.

Please pray for us as we seek the Lord together as a young family. Pray that I lead my family well, prayerfully stepping with Mrs. linville to make decisions that honor Christ, in both the big issues and in the small. Pray for us as we continue on through our church’s assessment process, as well as the I.M.B. application process. There is a great deal of paper work that requires a whole bunch of archeology.

We thank all of you for your sincere love and support.

in Love

the linville(s)

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linvilles in Love with living

Hello friends and family!

Welcome to linvilles in Love, the new outlet for our many experiences of living after Christ. Please explore the different pages we’ve put up as they will provide clarity into what we’re trying to do here. Drop in often to keep up with our ever changing lives and various everyday adventures.

in Love,

the linvilles

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