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linvilles in Love with m&ms, Act 3

What follows is an on going story. Please read these previous posts before continuing if you haven’t already:

The Intro

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Scene 1:

I know the gospel and I know how to share it with others, but doing so has always been nerve wracking for me, until that moment. On that day the Lord began taking away my fear of others and of what they might think of me, beginning His process of freeing me to fully enjoy the privilege of sharing Him with the world!

So, with my new found freedom, I walked across the hall.

Scene 2:

Mekhi answered his door and, upon my request, followed me into our apartment. On the way, I told him that we were going to help financially, but only if he allowed me to share the gospel with him. Somewhat bemused, he agreed. We sat down at the dining room table to begin.

Feeling prompted by the Lord, I prefaced with a most important clarification: that Mrs. linville and I were not good people, and this financial act of benevolence didn’t affect that. Only Christ is good and all goodness comes from Him and from being in Him.

He was confused. Good. That’s honesty.

With that unintentional introduction, the Lord had led me to express our depravity which logically requires an explanation of original sin! Praise God, He really does give us the words to say! This lead into God’s justice in forgiving sin while remaining just: the necessity for Christ’s deity, incarnation, personal perfection, wrongful condemnation, prophetic crucifixion, atoning expiration, redeeming resurrection, and miraculous ascension!

Such topics were not expressed so tersely to him; although, God did drastically limit my propensity to proliferate verbiage. Yes, He did! It happened!

Scene 3:

Mekhi didn’t break eye contact with me once while I  shared with him, but I didn’t realize this until after his humble reception of our gift and departure. During the moments following, I felt confident that something substantial had really gotten through to him. But how substantial?

The doorbell rang.

Mekhi entered holding a Bible, asking where he should start reading! All Glory to God! Having only moments before our Sunday night small group started shuffling in with the distracting aroma of food and the cacophony of children, we looked over John 1:1.

The experience was greater than any I have ever had. It was more than I would ever deserve. I was in awe, but this was nothing compared to the awe that I would know on the following night.

…To be continued in Act 4

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linvilles in Love with m&ms, Act 2

For Christians, it is important for us to preach the Gospel to ourselves every day. Why not make it a prayer?

…Dear Lord…

“Salvation is transformation, not behavior modification.” – Mr. Linville

What follows is an on going story. Please read these previous posts before continuing if you haven’t already:

The Intro

Act 1

Act 2

Scene 1:

The cat was out of the bag. We had seen Mekhi and Melanie at their worst, and that didn’t bother us at all. We are just as bad, if not worse, so now we might all get to play on the same team. The team that knows we are lost without Christ.

Indeed, we ironically started seeing more of M&M after the night of the fight. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it wasn’t. Regardless, we were glad they knew that we couldn’t judge them; that they could be themselves around us. Eventually, we had them over for dinner, and got to know them a little better formally.

Unfortunately, life sometimes sweeps us away and we get distracted from what’s really important, and this is what happened to me. I stopped checking in on my neighbors. When I finally did after three months, I was embarrassed that I had failed to be there for them. Things were still getting worse, just less drastically so.

Scene 2:

It was July 22nd, twenty one days ago, when I finally caught up with them. I was walking toward the apartment when I noticed Mekhi and another tenant, Darnell, talking together outside the entrance. As I approached, I was tempted to just say “hi,” and continue on my way, but the Lord wouldn’t let me.
I greeted them and stuck around awkwardly, listening and learning. What I learned made my heart sink. M&M’s car had been repossessed with all of their belongings inside due to a recent trip they had just returned from. Mekhi was venting about how it was going to cost him cash he didn’t have to get his own luggage back.

We are just as poor, if not more so, but God was pricking my heart to act. Unsure of how much we could afford to help him out with, I offered to talk to Mrs. linville about it. He seemed hesitant, but after a moment his shoulders drooped and he commented that any help would be appreciated.

Scene 3:

Talking to Mrs. linville about this was…interesting. We began the discussion pessimistically; after all, we are trying to raise support for missions! Every spare dime already has a destination! When we started talking we agreed to give Mekhi half of what he needed, but as we talked more and more, the amount quickly went lower and lower, until suddenly we couldn’t help him at all. God began pricking my heart again; this was wrong. I suggested that we take some time to pray alone and reconvene.

What a difference the Lord makes! When we came back together our hearts had completely changed! Where there was apprehension before, there was conviction after; in the place of stinginess, there was generosity! Fearfulness was replaced with cheerfulness, and frustration with joy! God was giving us the grace to give! But it didn’t end there. After we were settled on giving, the Lord laid another task upon our hearts: we needed to share the gospel.

…To be continued in Act 3
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linvilles in Love with neighbors

We met some amazing people yesterday. Meet the Smith(s):

They are AWESOME! They got married one week ago, but show incredible maturity. The Smith(s) are known separately as Ross and Sarah and have one spectacular life story going. We had them over for ice-cream on Friday night and enjoyed hearing some of their story, which went well into the morning. Stories about people who center on Jesus Christ are like that: captivating.

Ross is inspiring, spiritually and musically. Spiritually, he is a man of great faith, following wherever God leads, even if practical wisdom scorns it. Musically, because he can make magical things happen with a guitar (especially with his Batson guitar. I’ll talk about that momentarily). Sarah is encouraging, spiritually and relationally. Spiritually, because she showed such great trust in God as she waited for Him to work out the second biggest decision of her life (who she’ll marry). Relationally, she also displays incredible faith in following Ross as he braves the course God has set for him, blazing a trail that very few women that I know could follow. I mean, they are both just so awesome!

In addition to the amazing time we had reveling in the beauty and greatness of God, Ross blessed me with one of the greatest musical experiences of my life: getting to play a Batson guitar. This is no overstatement, and I play a Taylor 410-CE daily. I know what playing a good guitar feels like…and I got to play a GREAT guitar yesterday. This guitar is so different, so much better than what you see everywhere else, that a few months ago, Ross traveled to the headquarters of the Batson Guitar Company in Nashville, TN and asked the founders (the Batson brothers themselves) to sell him a franchise! They took him seriously, heard him out, and now Ross is taking steps here in Wake Forest, NC to introduce the South East to the best guitar in the world. Amazing fact: Ross is 20. Yeah, amazing. Nevertheless, ventures of this magnitude come with huge obstacles and the Smith(s) sincerely welcome all the prayers they can get.

Please check out the Batson Guitar Company website: here.

You can also see the Smith’s company, North Wake Nu Acoustic, here. It is totally awesome.

We look forward to seeing what amazing things God is going to do through Ross and Sarah Smith. Stay posted and watch with us!

in Love,

the linvilles

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linvilles in Love with living

Hello friends and family!

Welcome to linvilles in Love, the new outlet for our many experiences of living after Christ. Please explore the different pages we’ve put up as they will provide clarity into what we’re trying to do here. Drop in often to keep up with our ever changing lives and various everyday adventures.

in Love,

the linvilles

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