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The linvilles first met on Facebook!

Shortly thereafter we went out for coffee. After that first date, I knew that I could marry Mrs. linville, but I kept dating her so she wouldn’t dump me, and one year later we were wed (Oct 4th, 2008)! SUCCESS! Six years later and we’re still running strong, but everything is different. I’m different and she’s different. My taste in music has changed. Her favorite color has changed (5 times! In chronological order: purple, gray, dark teal, coral, and aqua [the bluer one]). But that’s what makes life fun! We’re dynamic changing human beings, after all, so lets get busy changing (for the better)!

little J

So far, we’ve drastically changed the fate of humanity, TWICE. It first occurred on Nov. 22, 2010 and he has since grown into this:

little J at 4 years and one month.

little J at 4 years and one month.


Above is the world changer you shall know as little J. He has many names, but most of them are not in english. He is not a big talker, like his mom, but an incredible doer of magnanimous deeds. He enjoys running laps around the dinner table in-between courses. He can climb quickly and jump far. He excels at dancing to any tune, but his favorite dance music comes from the theme songs to MadagascarI Like to Move It, Move It, and The Lego MovieEverything is Awesome. Right now, little J absolutely loves dragons, dinosaurs, robots, motorcycles, and butterflies. He likes butterflies because they’re REAL LIFE TRANSFORMERS! He’s quite an observant kid.

little E

The fate of humanity changed again on January 7th, 2014 with the advent of this embodiment of joy and sunshine:

little E at 11 months... owning that harmonica.

little E owning that harmonica.

little E is delightful! She’s crawling now, and pulling herself up to see more. She’s already standing and balancing on her own! She loves exploring, and hates being hindered by doors. Bathroom doors are a particular bane of hers. If she catches a glimpse of an open bathroom, she does this super cute “marching crawl” with her own baby battle cry and bee-lines it to the undiscovered dominion within her realm. She’s eating solid food now. Like her mother, she loves potato soup…well, the broth mixed with some baby cereal anyway. Developmentally, she’s combining syllables into words that she’s attaching to things. Everyday she says things like “baba, dada, mama, chahca, gagu, aaaeeeEEEIIIIIIAAAHHH” etc., and she’s stringing them together into the cutest little monologues. She also has learned “yes,” which she pronounces as “ysshhh.” Her “no” is still the banshee cry. She’s blowing raspberries and she LOVES to click her tongue and smack her lips. Rainbows and sunshine!
Mrs. linville (according to her husband):

Lexi LinvilleMrs. linville is a a true friend. She sees the best in people and inspires them to be better! She is soft-spoken, but lives loudly, holding fast to her convictions. A stickler for the rules, she is a shining model of propriety and the voice of reason when flights of fancy plague me. She is the rarest type of woman: slow to speak, quick to forgive, and last to judge. Elegantly simple in what she “needs,” her low maintenance attitude is a great help in avoiding the temptation to gather up trinkets that serve no purpose. She is a hard worker, whether for wages or not, wholly devoted to any task she takes up. Beautiful things appear before her, either made via the many crafts she commands (writing, drawing, painting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, etc.) or found via her incredible sense of thrift store scavenging! She makes our house a home, enveloping me within her creative love. Mrs. linville is a true host, ready to invite anyone over for tea, dinner, or shelter, welcoming in all who appear unannounced as well. More than anything, she loves Jesus Christ, which shines through her constant faithfulness to Him in all things, and is an inspiration to me.

Mr. linville (according to his wife):

IMG_1499Mr. linville is my best friend–not just someone who enjoys many of the same things that I do, but someone who understands who I am, who accepts me for who I am, yet who also ever encourages and challenges me to be more than who I am comfortable with at the moment. He is the half that I, by my self, lack–spontaneous, adventurous, outgoing, and musical. Through these characteristics, Mr. linville causes those around him to THINK…not just to be content with existing day to day, but really dwelling on how to make that day count for the glory of God. I am ever appreciative of his kind and practical wisdom in my life. He is the rare type of man who leads gently, loves wholly, gives deeply, and listens carefully. Mr. linville makes me feel beautiful, regardless of a lack of makeup or shaved legs. He makes me feel whole, even when I feel broken. He makes me feel special, even when I feel like the plainest most unexciting person in the world. He meets my needs as his wife; indeed, he surpasses them often, leaving me amazed and praising God that He has blessed me with such a wonderful husband who makes it easy to respect, honor, and submit to him.

We are not just another typical family. We are a family devoted to Jesus Christ. It is our prayer to reveal just how significant that is as we live and blog everything that God brings our way in the years to come…but let’s take it day by day.

in Love

the linvilles

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