We’re moving…again!


  1. A quick and easy move and for no more back problems to arrise from moving.
  2. Peace regarding our church planting application and future support raising work.
  3. For God’s guidence in connecting with churches who sincerely desire to disciple their international neighbors.
  4. For opportunities to equip others to do the work we’re doing through the Peoples Next Door ministry at West Cabarrus Baptist Church next Sunday.
  5. Complete healing for my back.


  1. For God’s provision in giving us a place to move into.
  2. For the new community of brothers and sisters in Christ that we’ve found since beginning the church planting application.
  3. The understanding that my superiors have shown me in altering my work load due to my back pain.
  4. The commited support that I see forming in the leadership of Treasuring Christ Church for our future church planting work.

Thank you so much for praying!

Now, for those who want to know more about those prayer requests and praise reports…

We’re moving to a lovely house in Knightdale, NC, to house/dog sit for an incredible family  from Treasuring Christ Church who are tent-maker missionaries in Germany. We’ll be here no longer than March 2017, and then we’ll move again. We have another very temporary place lined up that will give us the flexibility needed to find a long term abode.

For the last 3 months, we’ve been prayerfully seeking the Lord regarding how we might best use these next two years here in the States before returning overseas. As an answer to that prayer, the Lord has directed us to apply with the Baptist State Convention of NC to be international church planters here in North Carolina! We haven’t been appointed yet, but if everything works out we’ll have a bunch of work to do in raising support.

Despite not yet being appointed, we’ve already connected with a number of amazing families who are already church planters and the edification we’ve received from these brothers and sisters in Christ has been heavenly. We can hardly wait to begin harvesting beside them in those white fields that Christ mentions in Luke 10:2.

May God bless you all for your earnest prayers and biblical encouragement!

in Love,

the linvilles

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2 thoughts on “We’re moving…again!

  1. Anonymous

    We will be praying for you and your family, God bless you all, Richard and Beth Smith


  2. Anonymous

    Our love and prayers as you walk with and in the Spirit. JJ


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