fantastic truths about failure

Please ask the Father to:

  1. provide a job for my new South Asian friend, Sanji (name changed).
  2. restore to me the joy of His salvation. I’ve been too lazy in my personal daily devotions.
  3. guide me in the best way to do international ministry beside my full-time job.
  4. bless my efforts to raise prayer and financial support through video journaling.
  5. help my family & I work around having only one vehicle.

Please join me in praising the Father for:

  1. the lovely missionary house of Cary First Baptist Church that we’ve got until November 1st.
  2. a higher starting salary at my new full-time job than I expected.
  3. the increasing organization and efficiency of the Peoples Next Door NC ministry.
  4. the sweet blessing of high-speed internet in our new home.

I’m well aware of the inadequacies of my videos thus far, but inadequacy is best alleviated through trial & error; a process that highlights the benefits of failure.

So, despite their lack of scene cohesion, High-Def audio/video, or correct event staging, I must keep making and uploading these videos if I have any aspirations of … adequacy, which I do have; but my aspirations go higher.

When I see how YouTube crosses over international borders around the world, I see an indispensably strategic tool for reaching the nations. When I see how a video can be viewed over 2.5 billion times, I see the ability to stand on a stage before billions and preach the gospel without ever needing to rest, eat, or take a bathroom break. Right now, my videos are abysmal, but so was my ability to run when I was three months old. With time, training, and consistency, I know I’ll get better. With God’s intervention, your prayers, and helpful constructive criticism, I believe I could really change the world for good through this platform.

But first, I must fail, and fail often. A few fantastic truths about failure are:

  1. Theoretically, failure provides more helpful information for consistently achieving success. A person who failed 100 times before succeeding will know abundantly more than the guy who got it right the first time.
  2. Failure is humbling. There are few things in life more difficult than getting back up and pressing on after failure has thrown you down. Those who manage it seldom do so alone, gaining the deepest appreciation for compassion and often becoming the most gracious to offer that compassion to others.
  3. Failure is one of life’s few sure-fire paths to wisdom. Proverbs 9:10 says that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” in the sense that it’s utter foolishness to intentionally anger an all knowing, all present, all powerful being.

Every time I knowingly fail, I have the opportunity to gripe or grow. Growth comes from understanding that the manifestation of my inadequacies is the perfect opportunity to turn those inadequacies into adequacies.

Come! Let’s fail and grow together!

in Love,

the linvilles

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