linvilles in Love…with…

Right off the bat, ask the Father:

  • for a way to work my full time job and keep doing outreach for the Baptist State Convention.
  • for His help in making these daily YouTube videos. I’m making them so that you all will remember us and pray for us. Please watch them and tell me what I need to do to make them easier to watch.
  • to provide us with another vehicle. I’ve arranged a temporary car-pool situation with another co-worker, but I don’t think it will work for more than a month.

Praise the Father:

  • for providing us with a new place to live! Wow, wow, wow!
  • for Lexi’s improving health (allergy wise)!
  • for providing every father on earth with the perfect model of fatherhood (it’s father’s day).

It’s a little hard to write about anything since I made a video for every day last week!

Regarding the blog, one thing I’m tired of is feeling constrained to start every blog with “linvilles in Love with…” so I’m not doing that anymore. Yay! Sweet freedom!

Regarding everything else, here’s some thoughts: I love my new job. I’m not 100% certain, but it’s definitely beginning to look like the ministry job that I thought could only be found via a para-church organization (like Cru, World Vision, Save the Children, etc). My heart is so full of gratitude as I drive off in the morning to provide for my family. Thank you Lord!

Learning to edit videos WELL is going to take some work, but once I put in the time, I can see how the process will go faster. The video above is the longest I’ve made so far, and I was up until 3am editing it…but I also thought I had to drive around to find a 24 hour place with WiFi. This turned out to be false. I was a sad panda when that fact DAWNED on me, haha!

Something that I’m now concerned about is my part time job. My concern is not that I’ll lose the job, my concern is that if I do everything I’ve signed up for, there won’t be any time left for family. The solution to this might be to get my family involved in the South Asian outreach work, in which case we’d all go out together in the evenings, but I don’t know how to get that in around dinner time and bed time. Please please please, pray that the Lord teaches me how and/0r what I should do here.

Thank you all so much!

in Love,

the linvilles

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One thought on “linvilles in Love…with…

  1. Mom

    Love the new house!! Good job on the video!!


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