linvilles in Love with vlogging

First things first. Answers to your prayers:

  1. the Lord provided me with a full-time job! I’m now the delivery driver for Voss Lighting!*
  2. the Lord provided a place for my family and me to move to…and we can move in asap! Pros: it’s closer to our church; closer to my new job; it’s spacious! Cons: it’s only ours until November…so please keep praying for our next long term home.

Prayer requests:

  1. (keep praying for) the Lord to lead me to teachable South Asian Christians who will be brave enough to shelter and disciple new South Asian converts.
  2. (keep praying for) Salam’s salvation.**
  3. pray that I figure out how to honor my commitment to doing local missions while rightly honoring my 7:30am to 5pm commitment to be the best delivery driver that I can be. In short, pray I plan out my days better.
  4. pray that I relentlessly make time for family.
  5. pray that I keep blogging and vlogging, and that I keep doing both better and better.


*It’s my hope that this job will aid in my existing work with the Peoples Next Door ministry because part of that job is exploring Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill for South Asians. This is the perfect job for learning my way around these cities and hopefully learning where our South Asians are hanging out.

**The answer is no. No, I did not return to the North Raleigh Masjid this past Friday to see how Salam is doing and hang out with him. Mosques during Ramadan are like churches during Easter. The crowds from last Friday intimidated me and I didn’t go back. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic that I’ll see him this Friday.

And now for the blog…about vlogging!

So, what did you think? Would you like to see the fun and mundane things in our daily lives? Maybe I should just keep it to one video a week that compresses all the best things into 7 minutes? Please, let me know in the comments below!

Tomorrow is my first day as a driver and I’m SO excited! I’m all in for the vlog now so I’m going to be taking the plunge. For me, the plunge is meeting new people with my camera (iPhone) rolling. First impressions are SO important; it terrifies me to bring something like a camera into that special space of life.

“Then why do it, Levi? Why be terrified? Why stress yourself out?”

Excellent question. Here’s why:

We need your prayers. Everything else is second to this. My hope is that by being silly and giving you a bit of our day that you’ll remember us and pray for the ministry we’re doing here in Raleigh. This is paramount, but there are some other reasons too.

Extra money. That’s an honest reason for doing this. It won’t be much money, but y’all watching our videos will put some coins in our pocket, and every coin counts!

Finally, I love telling stories and Life is the best story to tell. Meeting people is a part of life, so I’m going to have to learn how to capture that too. I love making videos and I want to get better at telling stories, so I hope this works. I think videos provide a more intimate experience than other story-telling mediums. I want to make connections with others and teach others through these video stories how to make the MOST IMPORTANT connection, namely, our connection to God!

That’s why.

Please leave your thoughts on our first vlog in the comments below. Thanks!

in Love,

the linvilles

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