linvilles in Love with rocks

So, to keep the emphasis on prayer, I’m going to put at the beginning what usually goes at the end: the prayer requests. Pray with me for:

  1. the Lord to lead me to teachable South Asian Christians who will be brave enough to shelter and disciple new South Asian converts.
  2. the Lord to provide me with a full time job doing work that is complementary to my missional work with the Baptist State Convention.
  3. the Lord to provide my family with a place to live before our current lease runs out in July.
  4. the Lord to use me to show Salam (name changed) Christ’s love in such a way that leads him to follow Jesus.

Thanks so much! If you have time, keep reading to see how the Lord brought Salam into my life.

linvilles & Hilliards 04Jun'16

The Hilliard family and us after mining and eating lunch at Scotty’s Hometown Grill!

Yes! The linvilles went mining and it was so much fun! We met my brother (from another mother) Kenny and his lovely family at the Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, NC to fellowship and catch up on each other’s lives.

Kenny Hilliard is the pastor of New Horizon Baptist Fellowship and he’s been my friend since 1999 (poor guy). FACT: the Hilliards are amazing. When we returned from Bangladesh, this family completely opened their home to us and gave us a place to stay while we prayed and planned what our next steps would be. Beyond all the love and hospitality that the Hilliards exude, they’re also simply hilarious to be around. If Kenny’s not making us laugh by just being…Kenny, then Claire is making us laugh as she laughs at herself while she shares one of her many crazy/funny/cute toddler stories. Most refreshing of all is that this family is centered on the Gospel. Laughter and joy are never far from those who know what matters, and the Hilliards laugh a lot. I’m so thankful that I got to laugh with them on Saturday while digging for gem stones!

Work this week was exciting. I was able to get out a lot, meet some pastors and a few of my supervisors. The Lord led a South Asian family across my path in downtown Raleigh, and it was so encouraging to meet them. Unfortunately, it started to rain before cell numbers were exchanged, so the Lord will have to cross our paths again.

Friday was definitely the most exciting day for me. For the first time since coming back from Bangladesh, I was able to attend the North Raleigh Masjid’s Jumu’ah. Here’s the crazy part: the second guy I met there I already knew…from church! We’ll call him Salam and four years ago my church (Treasuring Christ Church) met in the Kid’s Marble Museum…during this guy’s shift, and he would often step in and get coffee and listen to the sermon. On friday I find myself sitting beside him listening to the Islamic equivalent of a Sunday sermon (the khutbah).

Unfortunately, I didn’t fully recall who he was until it smacked me in the face as I pulled up to my apartment. We both recognized each other, but we didn’t know from where. I hope I see him again next week so I can tell him how we recognized each other. Until then, please keep praying!

in Love,

the linvilles

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5 thoughts on “linvilles in Love with rocks

  1. Brenda Purington

    Curious about you attending the North Raleigh Masjid’s Jumu’ah. Could you explain?


  2. Sure! Masjid’s (aka, mosque’s) meet on Fridays like churches meet on Sundays. If you wanted to meet as many Christians as you could as soon as possible, you’d go to a church on Sunday. I want to meet as many friendly Muslims as possible, ergo my plans to visit the three primary Mosque’s in the Triangle area during their Friday meetings. You know, Brenda, this mosque is really close to Crossroads! Unlike church, mosque’s are open for the 5 daily prayers everyday, so if you popped in there, you’d probably be able to meet a lady, invite her to coffee, and have a new friend! Seriously. Did that clarify everything?


    • Brenda Purington

      I get it. Thiugh I’m Not sure I would be open to a Muslim showing up at my church on Sunday to open a seemingly innocent dialogue with me with the intent of converting me. Cedar Point Apt. Complex has a community of South Asian refugees. Mix of Christian Muslim Hindi etc.


  3. I completely understand and I would love any input you have regarding how I might find and share the gospel with Raleigh’s Muslim populations. Also, be assured that I’m not masquerading as a Muslim. When I talk with these wonderful people, I immediately let them know that I’m a Christian who wants some curious Muslim friends who are open to learning more about Christianity. So far, no one’s been interested, but I’m praying for the Lord to bring me that person of peace and I believe that He will. Thank you for letting me know about Cedar Point. I’m looking forward to visiting that place.


    • Anonymous

      I am glad to know you are open and up front with your faith and purpose. I will pray that God provides willing, interested people for you to share the Gospel with. There it’s a community center at cedar point where they do after school tutoring for all the refugee children. Our church is involved over there but I’m not sure of summer schedule.


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