linvilles in Love with poetic prayers

I am not a blogger. I love to write as a means of reflection, but I’ve yet to master the art of writing as a means of reporting.

I am a poet. When I write to reflect, I relish in how the confines of meter & rhyme squeeze my thoughts and experiences into the concentrated expressions of poetry.

What’s Prayer? (by C. L. Linville; 02/25/14; Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Prayer is the pulse of the new heart beating, a new start to take part in God’s plan to change man so all reflect Him: – YHWY – the tetragrammaton translated as just “I AM.” That’s it! He’s it! the only legit creator of light and all things lit! Every atom of every hair to every universe everywhere: He’s conducting and instructing and invites us to join in! How? Through prayer!

Yes! Christ’s blood paid the pri¢e that broke the vocal chord vice on our voice to scream to paradise our prayers for His choice~~~to make or break or free or bind, to convict of sin, heal eyes gone blind. We pray for it as He’s decreed; and that’s how the Saints get what they NEED. May I pray everyday that everyday I would pray to the Father in the Spirit through the Son who paid my way. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray ~Amen~

We need people to pray for us, but people can’t pray for us specifically if they don’t know what to pray for, so I started this blog. As simple as that may seem, I’ve seriously overcomplicated it.

I cannot write without feeling exposed. Maybe this is a common feeling amongst bloggers, but with so many blogs out there, It’s hard to believe that that’s the case. Writing opens my heart up for all to see…and judge! Thus, I stressed and procrastinated from writing blog posts like I used to stress and procrastinate from writing term papers in college. As a perfectionist, nothing I wrote up ever felt…perfect.

But we needed prayer and I knew that nothing I did could ever be perfect, so blog I did…occasionally. This struggle is what inspired this website’s tag line: confessions of faith and failure. I wanted my inadequacies and imperfections to enable me to do something for once, so why not make my failures the starting place for the stories of God’s perfect love in this life? Done!…kinda…Good in theory, still difficult in practice.

We need your support, and I need your accountability. If you leave a comment below, I’ll send you a $100 check for every Sunday (after this one), that I don’t post a blog. I’m just kidding, of course, but only about the money (unless anyone agrees to pay me $100 for every blog I do post. You pay me or I’ll pay you. Yeah, that’d totally work!)

I need all of you to pray for me to send out these updates. Seriously folks. Read the poem above again! Prayer is how we BE the body of Christ; how we plow, plant, and harvest the kingdom of God! I’m totally investing in this with you. As of last Sunday, God started me on a 40 day fast*! I’m fasting and praying for the Lord’s guidance and provision in my family’s life. I’m praying for:

  • God’s grace and mercy over Bangladesh, and the missionaries who serve there.
  • God’s enabling and directing as I fulfill my responsibilities as the South Asian Engagement Catalyst for the Baptist State Convention of NC.
  • God’s provision of faithful prayer warriors who’ll bring before the Father my prayer requests.
  • God’s provision of a long term career for me & my family in making disciples cross-culturally and internationally.

Please support all that the Lord is doing through the linville family and let me know in the comments below that you’ll pray for us. Thank you so much!

in Love

the linvilles


Walking to the bus stop near our apartment. Riding the bus is Wake Forest is free and fun, so we do it to get out as a family and meet people.

*For health purposes, I’m only fasting through breakfast and dinner. I must drink 64oz of water and have at least a 600 calorie lunch everyday to avoid kidney stones. This week the lunch has been baby spinach salads with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette.

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  1. Anonymous

    Praying for your family!


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