linvilles in Love with traditions

I got to wear a funny hat on Friday! Oh, the power of tradition…




After starting this International Church Planting M. Div. 9 years ago, in July of 2007, I finally got my receipt!


9 years! To be fair, I didn’t take any classes from 2012 to 2015. I could’ve also graduated in absentia in May of 2015 while in Bangladesh, but I’m glad I didn’t. Being there and walking across the stage was well worth the wait. Our culture has so few rights of passage as it is, far be it from me to fail to participate in one of my own culturally celebrated traditions.

Praise the Lord I graduated with a relevant job. Well, half a job, anyway. I’m currently a part time religious contractor in the Baptist State Convention of NC as a South Asian Engagement Catalyst for the Peoples Next Door ministry. What does that mean? Simply put, it means I’m a teacher. I teach Christians, churches, networks, and associations how to engage South Asians in the gospel. The hardest thing about this work is knowing how to stop! I mean, what I’m doing is how I live my life. I’m only compensated for 25 hours of work per week and these last two weeks I’m sure I’ve hit 80 hours, easy! How? Well, if you’ve ever tried to work with Baptist churches, you’d know. ooOOOooohh no he didn’t!

Jokes aside, I need another job. I must provide for my family. I’m hoping that if you’re still reading this then you like us crazy linvilles and you know how much we need Jesus. Please pray for God’s provision for this family and I’ll let you know how he answers your prayer. Thank you so much!

in Love

the linvilles


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