linvilles in Love with sudden stops


waiting together in Moncks Corner

Our original flight itinerary had us leaving from Charleston International Airport this past Sunday at 2:28pm. It was the Lord’s will that we miss that flight. So, what now?

We are currently in what our company calls a “holding pattern.” We must be prepared to go at a moments notice, and yet we are encouraged to use this time to rest. Mrs. Linville described this feeling to her mom yesterday like: going up and over a rollercoaster’s initial hill, coasting to the approaching drop-off and abruptly stopping right at the edge. Even though the upcoming ride was going to be crazy, the mind was ready for it…even excited about it; but this anti-climatic malfunction, being outside the design of the ride, induces more worry than any inverted turn or cork-screw. The car might lose itself and plummet at any moment, or stay stuck until the technician arrives, but since we’re not going anywhere – we might as well take a nap.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but resting in our situation is possible because we know God upholds us, but the fight against impatience and worry is ever present, so please pray for us.

Please leave a comment with suggestions about what to do today when you don’t have tomorrow. We’ll do some and write about it…or maybe make a video, if we have the forethought to hit “record.”

in Love

the linvilles

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2 thoughts on “linvilles in Love with sudden stops

  1. Richard Smith

    Hello Brother,
    We are praying for you all and sorry to hear about the flight. I like your creative writing- you may be able to put that to song while waiting. We continue to remember you in prayer. Please keep us informed and pray for us. Give me a call if you have time. Would love to pray with you. Rich


    • Howdy Rich! I figured out how to take my first name out of your post so I didn’t have to delete it! Yay! Thanks so much for commenting. I hope you and beth are well. We are praying for you guys! – the linvilles


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