linvilles in Love with gravity

I recently heard the most amazing analogy by Pastor Art Azurdia for how Christian love, God’s love, simultaneously anchors us down and sets us free. The interesting part…I head it on a rap album. Please click HERE to listen to Art Azurdia wax eloquent on this marvelous illustration and check the description for how you can download this Christ honoring rap album for free. Otherwise, I’ve painstakingly transcribed what he says below, but it’s way better to hear it, in my opinion.

Let’s suppose that a kite could come to life and develop its own personality. On the one hand it would feel the exhilaration that comes from the surges of wind that direct it through the sky. On the other hand it would almost immediately take notice of something…annoying: the tugging of a string at its center. A feeling of constraint, a resistance; and soon the kite begins to think to itself: ‘If only I could…detach; then I could really FLY!’ To the kite, you see, it seems that the string is limiting its full experience of freedom, but as any boy or girl who has ever flown a kite knows: were that string to suddenly…snap, the kite wouldn’t sore freely for very long. It would dart to and fro for a minute — maybe two — but very soon thereafter it would end up on the ground in a pile of broken sticks and torn paper, never ever to fly again. Rather, you see, it is the taut line between the kite and the one holding it that enables the kite to fly; that allows all the principles of aerodynamics to come into play so that the kite might achieve its full purpose! Christian love performs the very same function as a kite string. You take away the stabilizing force of Christian love and every towering gift, every supernatural power, every sacrificial act, every musical performance — you name it friends — it will all, ALL, end up in the ash heap of eternal insignificance……without love.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. My friends would call that “strong sauce.” I find strange pleasure in finding/creating good analogies. It’s like remembering something funny and getting the pleasure of laughing at it again.

So, as most of you know, my wife, Lexi, is utterly amazing. She’s amazingly Christ-like, amazingly intelligent, amazingly creative, amazingly beautiful, and amazingly thoughtful. What follows certainly reveals all of these qualities, but I believe it showcases her thoughtfulness. To thank her for this amazing gift that she bestowed upon me for no reason whatsoever…”just because,” as she put it…I made a video of it, which you may view HERE. Enjoy.

In other awesome news, I fulfilled a childhood fantasy on Friday when I got to fly in a helicopter for the first time! Shortly thereafter, I fulfilled another childhood fantasy when I got to PILOT the helicopter!

Yes, I recently completed my first helicopter flying lesson and it was spectacular and insanely difficult…in a good way. My unending thanks goes out to my lovely wife, Lexi; my parents, Chris and Lisa; and my Uncle Tim and Aunt Sandy (and their 6 kids) who made this fantasy a reality. Thank you so very much! Best B-day gift ever!

Finally, I must share a change in plans regarding our overseas deployment. Unfortunately, due to my present lack of medical clearance, Lexi and I will not be able to attend the October training session and January deployment. We must postpone for another three months, putting us in the January training session and the April deployment. If we had discovered this last week, we would’ve been quite upset, but God prepared us for this news by revealing to us just how unprepared we are to go. Three more months will enable us to devote ourselves more fully to the Word of God and prayer, seek greater intimacy in community with Treasuring Christ Church, disciple those we’ve been sharing the Gospel with a little longer, raise support for missions classes (“donate” button works great!), and lose these last 7lbs. Yes, it’s 7, not 9. I’ve lost two more pounds since the weekend, all glory to God! Thank you for your prayers!

Stay tuned for more incredible stories, videos, and updates!

in Love

the linvilles

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