linvilles in Love with summer and summary

Coats are gone and sandals are on! This year has been quite amazing. Mrs. linville and I ran in the Cooper River Bridge 10K at the end of March with our good friends Kenny and Claire and did well for our first race. We came in 10,251st place but that’s out of over 44,000 contestants so it’s actually not that bad in my opinion. Check out some video of us running the race HERE!

Meanwhile, I was working 45-50 hours a week and finishing my graduate work for my last state side semester at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mrs. linville was working 112 hours a week (stay-at-home-mom’s are at work every waking moment) and keeping our home clean and welcoming, organizing and selling all our stuff, being a Gospel witness to a younger girl downstairs and our neighbor’s wife across the hall, hosting the Sunday night community group meeting for our church and even working on some crafty projects with some of the college girls from Southeastern on Monday nights! My wife is amazing.

In addition to all this, we were working to finish up our Mission Agency’s application to serve overseas, working to meet our church’s requirements to go overseas; getting out into the community to find opportunities to witness, regularly helping a homeless couple we befriended at an intersection in Wake Forest, sporadically helping a homeless man our awesome neighbor Ross Smith befriended at the hotel he works at, and rescued a lost puppy we found outside our apartment.


At the end of June we found ourselves in Fletcher, NC, at The Holler, volunteering as “Missionaries About To Go” for the Africa Simulation Camp they do for the area’s Christian teenagers interested in doing foreign missions.

And now it’s July. My birthday was on the 4th and my parents treated me and my little family to a wonderful firework celebration down in Greenville, SC, my hometown. My birthday present from everyone was meant to be my first helicopter flying lesson, but bad weather has thus far postponed that adventure. That lesson is definitely something I plan to blog about. See you then!

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