linvilles in Love with Darth Baby!

Will Darth Baby rock you?

Darth Baby! – YouTube.

I would like to start making videos again.

So, to update, baby linville is almost 14 months old. As you can see, he’s walking/running and wielding whatever he can swing and/or throw. We praise the Lord that he’s up to par physically, mentally, and emotionally. We were recently informed that some friends serving as missionaries overseas are pregnant, but the baby has Spina Bifida. The doctors suggested that they terminate the pregnancy. If you are the type who doesn’t mind praying for someone you don’t know anything about, please pray for these missionaries and their baby.

Mrs. linville here, not a whole lot going on after the holidays–which has been super nice. I’ve been fighting some weird cold/allergy manifestation since late November which has made me slow down a bit as well. I praise God that He is faithful, however, and that He provides exactly what I need each day. Since the holidays I haven’t done much crafting/sewing, but that should change soon now that I have restocked my supply of hot glue and my parents got me a serger sewing machine for Christmas (yay!). I am learning that taking care of a toddler is much different than a baby–he is so fast and smart! I love it though, and wouldn’t have it any other way. The other main thing we’ve been working on is paperwork to go overseas and everything involved in that long process. We are also working on downsizing our possessions and potentially our apartment as well. Crazy how we tend to fill empty space! As much as I LOVE our current apartment, I can definitely see how moving to somewhere smaller and more downtown would be wise in preparation for going overseas. Lord willing, we will find something that works. Well, thats about it in a nutshell…back to Mr. linville!

Mr. linville here, the holidays were nice but they had consequences. The five pounds I lost after Thanksgiving I gained right back during Christmas. Fortunately, I’ve already gotten rid of it. I’m 225lbs today and plan to be 185lbs by March. I’m on the best diet ever, so I’m sure I’ll get there and stay there. It’s the Eat Right and Daily Exercise diet and it works! I’m losing about a pound a day. On Monday I lost two pounds! I know it will slow down as I get closer to my BMI, but it’s encouraging to see the numbers go down instead of up. In school I finished this past semester strong with two B’s; not bad considering I worked 45 to 60 hours a week the whole time. I have one more class, International Church Planting, the last campus based class for my Masters degree (then there’s the remaining 10 classes that I’ll complete overseas). I’m so excited to be so close to being done with school! It has really gotten in the way of my eduction. (Then why continue? Because where we are going, a degree is all that matters. With a degree, doors open. Without one, doors close. It’s necessary, so it gets done. Tangent over.) In other news, I’m hoping to finish my music album before we go, so be praying for me in that. Honestly, I’d like to release two. The first being all my random songs that are basically unrelated. The second being songs that go together, creating a real album. We’ll see what happens.

In ministry we’re in over our heads. We’re volunteering at a local nursing home and had a ton of opportunities dumped in our laps at a meeting today with Kelly, the Activities Director. I’m waiting for the Imam at the Raleigh Islamic Association to email me when their Arabic lessons start and Mrs. linville is working on getting some girls together for a Fellowship of the Crafts council (lol).

Thank you for all your prayers!

in Love

the linvilles

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