linvilles in Love with new friends

Our adventures with the Smith(s) have continued unabated. After my previous entry about them in ‘linvilles in Love with neighbors‘, I had a twinge of concern that my first impression was a little idealistic. My concern, however, was unfounded. After spending what some might consider an appalling amount of time together (from breakfast to dinner…and beyond), the Smith(s) continue to bless us with their wisdom, humor, and love for Christ.

It was also a pleasure to meet Sarah Smith’s little brother Samuel. He is an incredibly intelligent, observant, and intuitive kid. Mrs. linville and I met him because he had been invited to spend a few nights over at the Smith(s). Once again, we were flabbergasted. The Smith(s) have only been married  13 days! Most couples are still on their honeymoon. Not the Smith(s), they’re opening up their doors to family. That’s something most newly weds avoid until year two! They are so awesome (in Christ)!

On Wednesday the linville(s), Smith(s), and Sam enjoyed a delicious breakfast followed by some relaxation. Eventually, the guys went out to inspect Veder (our 1996 Volvo station wagon) and do some job hunting. On the way we picked up Tom, a hitch hiker. We made it clear to him that we only did so because we are Christians, but at the “C” word he theretofore deflected any further comments. Later, Ross revealed that he had actually spoken with Tom once before in downtown Raleigh. It made me hopeful for Tom. God is continuously putting believers in his path.

I am in awe of how Jesus Christ ceaselessly pursues His Bride!

So, onward we went to what businesses seemed like plausible places of employment. I had a great time with Ross and Sam, gallivanting around Wake Forest, hanging out at the Wake Forest Coffee Company, pranking my wife and Sarah while they grocery shopped, and talking to potential students for the North Wake NU-Acoustic Music Academy!

The linville(s), Smith(s), Sam, Cooper(s), Trell, and Gary all enjoyed an incredible meal cooked by my lovely wife Wednesday night. Some stayed for ice cream, and some stayed even longer to watch The Adjustment Bureau (Trell [which was pretty good]). Some even stayed for coffee after that (the Smith[s]), but, alas, Wednesday soon had to end. (Smith[s], Cooper[s], and Gary shown below)

I compensated for it by waking the Smith(s) up to some guitar music and singing at around 9:30am Thursday morning (Sam let me in unbeknownst to them). The music started softly, but it didn’t end that way. I blame Ross for joining in and musically calling down the Holy Spirit who anointed our praise with loudness.  I later caught wind of a complaint from one of their neighbors … fail. Nevertheless, the Smith(s) forgave me and onward we went.

Thursday balanced Wednesday in that not a great deal happened … outwardly, that is. Inwardly, a whole lot was happening. Inwardly, Mrs. linville was struggling with some overwhelming feelings and couldn’t stop crying. Inwardly, I was feeling convicted for having failed to take my honey out on a date in a whole month. Inwardly, Judah digested magic. Inwardly, Ross metabolized cosmic harmonies. Inwardly, Sarah found humor in uncommon places. Inwardly, Sam invented pedagogic paradoxes for discontinued LG cell phones. Inwardly, there is no Endwardly!!! (…and I digress…)

Speaking concisely, Thursday was ultimately about “talks.” You know, the kind of “talks” that sometimes involve loud words. The kind of “talks” that often precede or follow tears and snot. The kind of “talks” that make men and women feel like different species and best friends. Yes! The kind of “talks” that make marriage possible.

Talking, however, cannot last forever (hallelujah), and Thursday ended with some things happening. First, the linville(s) watched the movie Priest (a futuristic cowboy vampire movie…yeah) while the Smith(s) had a “talk.” Then, the Smith(s) lovingly volunteered to watch Judah while I got to (finally) take Mrs. linville out on a little date (to Olive Garden). It was awesome. Upon returning, we lounged around with the Smith(s) until it was time to bid farewell once again. Moments before that happened, we surprised the Smith(s) with some of God’s love and ended the day sprinting down the hall away from Ross, locking the door and going to bed. We really do love our new friends.

in Love

the linvilles

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